Turning waste into clean energy isn’t just an innovation…

It's a revolution

Our Ambition

Clean6 is a British company which has developed ground-breaking technology to generate heat energy for de-centralised power.

Based in Yorkshire, Clean6 is founded on the tradition of great British engineering.

Our ambition is simple: to educate industry and develop energy generating solutions which are more affordable, more environmentally friendly and more efficient.

A revolutionary idea

End of life material should be put alongside the waste hierarchy to see if any or all the constituents can be recovered or re-used. Assuming this has been done correctly there are two options – Landfill the material or Incineration of one sort or another. Landfill produces greenhouse gasses such as Methane (now captured for power production) and liquids such as leachate which require constant monitoring and disposal.

Incineration (in its many forms) converts waste into heat but the byproducts of Ash, Fly Ash, Dioxins, toxins and further disposal/clean up do not make the process very friendly.

Both solutions require considerable space for various tasks including clean up, gas cleaning, treatment and storage for ash prior to onward disposal.

So Clean6 twisted the rules

Fuel, not waste

Typical costs of wood pellets can be around £200/ton. The Clean6 ‘Vortex’ runs on biomass and various fuels – from plastics, refuse derived fuels (RDF), chicken litter, coal dust, tyre crumb and other difficult materials.

The Vortex completely and effectively destroys virtually all organic fuel – provided it presents a minimum energy value of 16 MJ/kg, a maximum moisture content of 20% and a maximum particle size of 3mm.

Processing the fuel

Consuming less than 5 litres of fuel to reach initial temperature, the Vortex will climb rapidly to 900 degrees C. Normal operating temperatures are between 1,200 and 1,700 degrees C, and the system is fully self sustaining. On completion, the Vortex shuts down and cools rapidly, so that it can be used flexibly to meet demand or run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

21st century power generation

Each Clean6 Vortex can supply from 125kWe upwards to suit customers’ requirements, premises, waste streams and electrical infrastructure (Output and througput are dependant on material). It can be used with an Organic Rankine Cycle solution, Screw Expander or Turbine to convert its significant heat energy into electricity and hot air/water.

Significantly reduced Emissions

Proven emissions from various fuels are under the current IED limits and there should be no visible smoke from the chimney once operational. Initial exhaust temperatures range from 1,035 degrees C to over 1,150 degrees C on high calorific fuels, providing a clean exhaust and production of a solid vitrified like, non-polluting residue. The Vortex is still one of the only solutions capable of disposing safely of recycled PU dust from white goods.

The benefits

How it will innovate the world

Because of the high rotational air speed and optimal operating temperature, the Vortex can cope with fuels that other systems would struggle to process due either to contamination or low particle size. The Vortex completely destroys organic based fuel, providing it has a maximum moisture content of 20% and a maximum particle size of 3mm.

The Vortex could provide, for instance, a remote refugee camp with a source of self-sufficient energy that can be installed and removed without fuss. It could provide an inner-city hospital with a cost-cutting solution to cheaper power/heat and cost efficient disposal.

Some of the fuels that can be processed

Sawdust or
contaminated MDF Dust

PU dust

Dehydrated poultry litter or silage

Dried food

Coal dust

Recycling industry residues, refuse derived fuels, and plastics

Materials no longer allowed in landfill

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Facts | Q&A

The Clean6 Vortex converts fuel into energy using advanced cyclonic combustion technology.
Well, except it’s a smaller (under 15m2 for a 5MW thermal unit), faster (reaches operating temperature from cold in under 15 minutes, with immediate shutdown), more efficient (converts dust and small waste residues that other systems can’t), environmentally safe (lower CO2 emission, IED compliant) and much cheaper (warrantied for first year of operation).
The Clean6 Vortex can turn even fine fuels into energy, including biomass, plastics, chicken litter, coal dust, tyre crumb, waste toner powder and other difficult materials using around 5ltrs. of light fuel oil to start, it heats to 900 degrees very quickly and then processes the waste (usually at 1,250 to 1,700 degrees), producing energy and a vitrified non-polluting residue. The Vortex can utlise the Organic Rankine Cycle solution to heat water into steam and generate electricity.
Shutdown causes the flame to extinguish immediately, and the bespoke refractory lining ensures the outside remains no more than hot to the touch

Companies that produce a lot of waste, whether it is agricultural, industrial, or potentially hazardous. Even fly ash, which can cost £130/tonne to dispose of in landfill, can be turned into vitrified residue.

For smaller companies, the Clean6 Vortex requires minimal installation, is self-contained, and can run 24/7, or according to need.

Any business, small or large-scale, that wants a renewable source of cheap, clean energy. The Clean6 Vortex can supply anything from 125 KWe to 910KWe per system and it’s scalable for larger enterprises.

If you can find it, let us know. Set up costs for this “off-the-shelf” unit are minimal and maintenance is available.

The Clean6 Vortex is compliant with current emission limits and is CE marked. Waste residues can have further uses (depending on type), becoming a commodity not a cost.